Anastasiya Otkidach

Anastasiya Otkidach

"Don't be afraid to look inside yourself".

Why I choose photography and shooting what I shoot?

When I was a child my family didn't have a camera, we lived too poor to own one and for years I shot everything I saw with imaginary camera, putting my fingers in square gesture. I never mind why I need it, didn't study for photography and I never build plans on making money or carrier. I love to take pictures of not just a face, but catch some sort of hidden behind. It is important for me to get a picture which has a deep meaning. So people who look at it could see that it is a personality and a character behind a human image. I love portraits, street shots.. just began to try myself in fashion style. I'm dreaming about all that magic reincarnations of fashion world. I want my pictures to tell stories, capture attention and raise emotions.

What I do?

I work so many different ways: natural and studio light, with team and alone with a model.

Before we have a deal, I try to know a team, which I wanted to work with, better. To have some talks, to understand what intentions do the perceive, what is their inspiration. In relations with models, I'm trying not only to find their strength and weaknesses in posing, but looking for ways to relax and them in a right mood. I like to empathize and talk frankly on people's movements and inspiration. It is very important to build trust between photographer and a model. When there is lack of it, I'm inspire and flaming up. Both of us should be passionate of happening. Enjoying the process. Getting feeling of excellence in what we are doing. This is the only way to get a best picture.

How I do it?

I realize, that the world of photography already invented everthing possible. And it is very difficult to impress someone. Working with people, I find a specific approach to each oe them, trying to build atmosphere of comfort and trust. I'm a provoker for emotions and expression, I ask surprising questions or just tell a joke. Doesn't matter how get this emotion, important is to get genuine. Then I just push the button :) That's easy. I believe that photograpy is more than just a freezed moment. For me, portraits are someone's emotions and feelings captured for eternity. Street photos are flashes, which transfer you through the time and distance to the feelings you felt at that moment.
Fashion photo for me is a way to create my own dream and fantasy, which is not just a glance of magazines. I want to share my view and vision, help people to look inside themselves, I want to create some thing exciting, like a dream, which we can't find around our daily life.



Moscow Russia